lfadis hflaiuskdhfkdhfkjsdlhfadshfa i came home this morning with just enough to time to fix my hair/makeup and then go to class, which is at 8am. (a class with a super heavy absence  and tardy penalty)

and then i am home and my mom is like i need to use the car literally rn because i have to go buy cigarettes. and i am like, okay. yes. i understand that you need to use the car and i had it all night, but i literally won’t make it to class unless i leave in the next three minutes so please be super fast. 

and she’s like. well i thought you were going to come home last night. and i am like, well, when i left last night i told you i might be home tonight, or maybe just in the morning. and she never texted me asking me to come home. and i should have just brought the car home earlier, i realize. like, i should have. but i didn’t. i didn’t think she’d even be awake or anything. 

and so she used the car and of course she didn’t get back in time for me to go to class, because it’s impossible to leave the house and come back within like three minutes (esp. because she’s got that boot on and can’t really walk v well) 

so i can’t go to class. which just sucks because 1. that’s a super heavy penalty. 2. i was literally ready to go to class. 3. i could have just prevented that if i came home earlier. 4. i need to go to that class to hear the discussion/i like that class. 

and now she’s yelling at me because there is “no” gas in the car, which, granted, there isn’t that much gas in the car, but i literally know EXACTLY how many miles i could drive before running out of gas (because i calculate that sort of thing) and it is like 23 miles. which is just enough to go to spscc, come home to pick up joey, and go to north thurston, and come home again) and i was probably going to get gas before the choir concert tonight and she is just yelling at me about how bad it is for my engine to only have that much gas in my car (which is probably true) but i literally had like $1.23 to my name until yesterday, and i got a paycheck last night, but still, i basically never put more than $10 worth of gas in my car at one time and i need her to please calm down and stop yelling at me 

AND i couldn’t go to my other class today either because our last choir rehearsal is at the same time because the fucking high school’s weird-ass early release schedule. and for some god awful reason we have a choir concert on an early release wednesday. so uuuuhhhggg

i am feeling weird. 


dreamy babes 

i’m gonna real quick post about what everyone else in the pnw is thinking about/posting about rn:

it’s been so nice out recently!! (like super clean skies and v warm.)
even today. like it warm enough out that i remembered how much i hate warm weather and summer.

but now it is so cloudy and chelsie and i just spent an extreme amount of time driving to the most secluded and dark areas and the only way i could even know where the moon was in the sky was by using one of the astronomy apps on my phone. so now i am on chelsie’s floor bundled in a sleeping bag, watching a livestream of the moon literally eclipsing via nasa’s wesite

what the heck



DC Bombshells Pin-Ups by Ant Lucia

Attention: Manda

You two always look fucking gorgeous in photos. Wish I could see you guys now in your minimal clothes.

there are three things you could do to ensure that you would be able to see us in minimal clothing
+invite us to parties
+take us to beaches
+buy us tofu

"sun’s out, slut’s out" is my literal motto
chelsie and I are wearing minimal clothes rn- it’s great



sounds hella chill, i love bats. 


i am very into ruffles but, like, casual ruffles like oh i just threw on this cha cha top do you know what i mean? *shakes maracas* 

Title: Lost in My Mind
Artist: The Head and the Heart
Album: The Head and the Heart
Plays: 4483

using my iphone to make digital collages of my nude photos

it really is the 21st century


invite me to ur parties please I’ll bring probably like 5 cute girls and we will steal ur snacks and pat your doggies 

ooooooo! who wants to go garage sale-ing today?!!

Title: Oh Comely
Artist: Neutral Milk Hotel
Album: In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
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sacred lily pad underside


Drink water everyday and don’t let boys be mean to you